About This Site

On this site, I review books, books that interest me. I hope they’ll interest you too. To keep this site as non annoying as possible, I make a few promises…

First, I promise to get to the point. You won’t find rambling cutesy anecdotes about my personal situation prefacing articles and reviews. And I won’t drag out my content with, “in a moment, I’m going to tell you about this fabulous thing. Just scroll down past the next three announcements that I’m about to tell you…”

Why not? Because I’m not trying to mimic the gushy “voice” now trending on the internet. That voice is decidedly not my voice. And this site is not monetized. Sure, some day if traffic warrants it I might suction a dime or two off Amazon, but I don’t plan on much else in the way of sales or ads.

Second, I’m only reviewing books that interest me; no paid reviews. My primary interests include character and theme based fiction regardless of genre. Many of the books I review touch on the concepts of identity, personality, and neurodiversity.

I’d like to believe many of us are struggling to become our best selves. Literature can aid our journey, providing perspectives and experiences we may never encounter in our own lives.


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