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Harmony Lost 

In 1969 London, rock and rollers swing hard. So finding a mini-skirted woman unconscious in an alley comes as no surprise. But unlike the usual drug-addled head-case, Pam wakes with almost no memory and an angry voice jabbering in her head. Harmony Lost

She finds herself married to Martin, an over-imaginative man lost in music and dreams of stardom. Her instincts and a dream encourage her to help him chase success, an exhilarating ride, right up until the ugly side of rock and roll catches up with her.

Will the voice raging in Pam’s head drive her insane or land her in prison? Or can she control her inner demon, catapult Martin to stardom and uncover her origins?

“Author Stella Jorette manages to combine 1969 London with modern vernacular, the normal with the absurd, and the horrifying with enough humor to keep the reader turning pages like they are playing a guitar solo.” Victoria Irwin, Editor in Chief at

Martin had witnessed a life energy transfer on Star Trek, no amnesia in that episode, just insanity and some gender bending, all egregiously overacted but entertaining. Plus, that transfer had been a trade. A switch or a trade implied his Pam was wedged inside somebody else. If so, she’d have hammered on the door by now, ready to lay blame and hurl insults, even if from a wheelchair or a pram. And she couldn’t be a clever robotic replacement. This new Pam was flesh and blood. He’d tested her belly the other morning while she slept. The belly was flat and smooth, a tuft of hair curling above the elastic of her knickers. No. This situation was outside of his experience. He needed more information. He’d visit the village library.