Quest for Harmony

Sea-sickness tablets, a quest, and far too much strong drink. Can Martin Davis, rock star, survive Finland?

Finland, 1972

Martin Davis, now a rock star, is on tour in Scandinavia. The tour’s last leg seems superfluous; they won’t make any money in remote Finland. But his wife and manager, Pam, insists on including the tiny country. “What could go wrong,” she says. Well. Plenty, when one is cursed, sent off on a quest, and especially when one’s mum turns up and starts flirting with the tour manager.

Can Martin outwit mythological Finnish creatures, fulfill his quest, and stand up to his mother?

This humorous short story fills the gap between Songs out of Time book 1 and book 2. Expect Martin to make a series of poor life choices. As usual.

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