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The third draft/copy edit of my latest novel, A Song for the Living is in progress. This sci-fi mystery with touches of paranormal is set in a world parallel to the world of Harmony Lost but features a mostly new cast of characters.

And an official cover is in production.

Songs out of Time: The Series

London, 1970. Profoundly unhip, possessed by a raging spirit, and lost in a world she doesn’t understand, Pam Davis must take on an unlikely roll: manager of her self-absorbed spouse’s rock-and-roll band.

But when a predatory club owner tries to take advantage of her in a seedy club, her furious inner voice shows its claws with brutal ferocity.

Will Pam’s split personality launch her to the stars or knock her into the abyss?


Finland, 1972. After the events of Harmony Lost, Martin Davis, rock star, and his band tour Scandinavia. The tour’s last leg seems superfluous; they won’t make any money in remote Finland. But Pam insists on including the tiny country. “What could go wrong,” she says.

Well. Plenty, when one is cursed, sent off on a quest, and especially when one’s mum turns up and starts flirting with the tour manager. Can Martin fulfill his quest, survive the supernatural denizens of Finland, and withstand his mother?


London and Los Angeles, 1973. While Martin struggles to find the jet set life-style of his dreams, Pam accidentally drinks the punch. And one hallucinogenic effect doesn’t go away, a peculiar singing style that resonates with both people and animals, and, curiously, with stemware.

But a threatening stranger attacks and sends Pam undercover until a betrayal forces her hand. Will Martin lose everything while chasing his dreams? Will Pam survive long enough to fulfill her mission?


Book 3 is underway! Meanwhile, check out Articles and Reviews for various musings and reviews of recent and classic speculative fiction, including time travel science fiction and fantasy.