Harmony Lost: Rock and Roll Time Warp!

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Harmony Lost is a work of speculative fiction set in an alternate version of the early 1970’s music scene. Because of the setting, expect smatterings of cursing, impiety, poor life choices and non-politically correct thought and dialogue. None of this unfortunate behaviour is celebrated or condoned (no matter how amusing).

London, 1969 – Pam wakes in the hospital and learns she was found unconscious in an alley. The doctor insinuates she’s another doped-up, mini-skirted, party-girl. So why is her memory erased? And why is an angry voice jabbering in her head?

She’s delivered to peculiar young Martin who’s supposedly her husband. Pam doesn’t understand him or his struggling rock band.

Though lost and lonely, she’ll stick to her values because she can’t shake a sense of purpose. She’s on a quest, even though the quest requires wearing polyester and thick black eyelash paint. Could her positive attitude and reliability be the key to the band’s fame?

But between predatory club owners, flighty Martin and fractious musicians, managing a band proves hard work. Worse, her inner voice grows stronger each day. And strange clues point towards a more serious mission – one she can only start to piece together…